Pinwheel of Death


If your question is not covered here, please contact us via our Inquiries Page.

  1. I'd like to use one of Carlin America's songs in a film/advertisement/DVD/book, etc. What should I do?

    Requests must be made in writing via mail, fax or email. Please supply full details both on the song you wish to use with writer information, as well as the production and media requirements. Be sure to include a synopsis of the production with budget information, a full description of the use of the song in the production including scene description, type of use and duration, and specific information on the media, term and territory of the license you are seeking.

  2. I want to record a cover version of one of your songs. How do I go about it?

    Provided your recording is a straightforward cover version with no changes to the lyric or melody, please obtain a mechanical license from the Harry Fox Agency in the U.S. or CMRRA in Canada. If you intend to make any changes to the lyrics, music or structure of the song you will need our express permission.

  3. Is Carlin America currently looking to sign new writers? Can I send you a demo?

    Unfortunately, at this time we are not looking to sign writers who are not already established. Please do not send us demo recordings as they will be returned unopened and we will not enter into correspondence on the subject.

  4. I was signed to a company administered by Carlin America years ago but have not heard anything from you for some time now. Am I owed any money?

    Unfortunately we do lose touch with writers from time to time as people change address or move on. Please get in touch with us through the Inquiries Page if you feel you may be due royalties.

  5. Why is Carlin America deducting tax from my royalty payments? How do I prevent this and/or recover the tax that you have deducted?

    If you reside outside of the U.S., we are required by law to withhold U.S. taxes of 30% of any royalty payable that is derived from U.S. sources unless we received documentation that, (a) you are a U.S. person, or (b) you are a foreign person entitled to a reduced rate of withholding pursuant to a tax treaty between the U.S. and your country of residence. If you are a U.S. person you must provide a completed IRS Form W-9. If you are a foreign person you must provide a completed IRS Form W-8BEN. These forms and instructions are available on the Internal Revenue Service website. You should consult your local tax adviser or contact the Internal Revenue Service for further guidance.

  6. I'm looking for a job in the music business. Is Carlin America currently recruiting new staff?

    We do not currently have any vacancies, however, any future positions will be advertised.